Jewelry by "Glass by Pat"

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"WireWrapped Dichro Set"
SOLD: WGW 2003 Auction
"Fused Pins"
"Dichro Pins"    
At:    Pepper Tree Place
"Christmas Pins"
"Fused Bracelets & Watch Band"
"Fused Pins"
At:   Pepper Tree Place
"Dichroic Glass Pendant
with Earrings"
"SilverSmithed Necklace: Dichroic Glass
+ Cubic Zirconia"
"Silversmithed Necklace 1"
"Silversmithed Necklace 2" "Silversmithed Necklace 3" "Silversmithed Necklace 4"
"Hand Knotted Pearls"
"10mm Hand Knotted Pearls"
"12mm Hand Knotted Pearls"
"Dichroic Pendant with Handknotted Beads"